Bulk Tainer created Bulk Tainer Telematics to guarantee that we created a bespoke telematics device specifically designed to meet the demands and compliance of shipping isotanks globally.


All features of the device have been developed to consider the needs and demands of isotank operators and their customers.

Initial delivered features of our GPS units:
Full ATEX level assurance
Physical presence Location of the isotank
Product stewardship, security and assurance

  • ATEX Certification
  • Sustainable
  • Global Coverage
  • Product, Inlet and Ambient Temperature
  • Smart Updates – exception management
  • Cloud based API enabled
  • GPS Geofence aware

Initial Rollout

Our units have been initially rolled out to cover location, product temperature, ambient temperature and heat input temperature controls.

This data is considered directly in line with Bulk Tainer’s Tank Management ERP system.  If the location, or product data information, provided by the GPS unit doesn’t match exactly with the Tank Management’s expectations, we have exception management alerts to tune in to what the variation is to allow us to act quickly.

If you have ‘controlled’ products with temperature demands which may become explosive if handled incorrectly, then this is a level of product stewardship not previously offered.

Product knowledge from data gathered

The initial findings of heat input / product changes have been very interesting to understand how to handle certain products. The main areas understood thus far:

  • Heat input quality versus product reaction
  • Product reaction to ambient temperatures
  • Product loading temperatures against expected loading temperatures
  • Differing products reacting differently to heat inputs

All of the above allow us to make the decision on – if to heat, when to heat and for how long to heat in ways not considered five years ago.
This area allows us to offer customers a saving on heating costs.

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