Bulk Electrolyte Logistics Specialists

Bulk Tainer have heavily invested in a global fleet of reefer isotanks that have been fully designed to suit the safe transport of Electrolyte liquid that is a key component in the growing market of Lithium ion Batteries.

Bulk Tainer teams in Asia and Europe have successfully become the very first isotank logistics company to transport Electrolytes in bulk isotanks from China into Europe.

The whole supply chain from bespoke isotank design demands to the extremely closely planned & monitored routings have made this a successful supply chain for Bulk Electrolyte logistics from Asia into Europe.

Bulk Tainer will shortly be adding its in house designed GPS telemetry system to this fleet to provide product temperature alarms as well as location information to Bulk Tainer and its customers.

We are now working on the next steps on a European hub specifically designed around Bulk Electrolyte hub storage and distribution to allow Bulk Tainer to remain at the forefront of handling and distributing this specialist product in bulk form.

Bulk Tainer USA are now also involved in a new project to distribute Electrolyte in the US from Asia.

Its clear that we are specialists in this exciting developing market sector.

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