Isotanks are a safe, secure and sustainable transport solution for your liquids.

Isotanks optimise payloads resulting in a potential saving of up to 70% fuel utilisation vs other modes of transport, thus reducing carbon emissions significantly. The units have a lifespan of up to 30 years and can be fully recycled. In addition to Isotanks being the most sustainable choice for your liquid transport, Bulk Tainer Group are committed to sustainable practices throughout our business with the goal of protecting our planet for future generations. We are working collectively with our suppliers and partners on our sustainability journey to succeed together in helping transform the planet.

Bulk Tainer Group is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The UN identified 17 SDGs as part of a global action plan that centralises around economic, social and environmental protection. We have chosen 6 goals to focus on as part of our strategy to transform our planet now and in the future:

Sustainability Strategy

To implement our strategy we have identified and prioritised our targets, aligned these with our business strategy and, most importantly, moved forward in implementing these by engaging our employees and suppliers. We have a passionate global sustainability team with key representatives in each regional office executing our sustainability vision.

Current Achievements

Ecovadis Bronze
Head offices powered by renewable energy
Fully electric company car fleet
Prioritisation of intermodal transport over haulage
Choosing suppliers aligned with our sustainable principles
100% of isotanks are repurposed/ recycled
Maximisation of order payloads

Short Term Ambitions

Ecovadis Silver
Embedding GLEC into ERP system to track and provide accurate data on carbon emissions
GPS fitted on all the BTL fleet reducing energy usage during heating processes

Long Term Ambitions

Ecovadis Gold 2024
Carbon Neutral 2050
BTL electric trucking fleet fuelled by hydrogen cell 2024