Bulk Tainer Customs Brokers

Bulk Tainer Customs Brokers (BTCB) was formed to offer customs services as a result of the increased demands of Brexit. Initially, service was offered to the Bulk Tainer customer base however we now provide broker services to all businesses, both inside and outside of the ISO tank industry.


Customs Brokers

At BTCB, we look to understand our customer’s business needs and requirements. We build bespoke services around our clients to ensure our services are efficient and of the highest standard. We have a team of knowledgeable, qualified customs professionals ready to support you and your business.

Bulk Tainer Customs Brokers offers UK Based Customs Clearance services

If you take your items for exhibition or need standard UK clearance or have non-ordinary customs related issue, we are here to help.

Bulk Tainer Logistics Ltd | Customs Brokerage Department

Please contact our Brokerage Department for any Customs services you may require.