Bulk Tainer Logistics is the isotank operating arm of the Group and is not only the largest division with the Bulk Tainer Group, but the very core of the business.

Bulk Taner Group’s other divisions have ultimately being created to provide additional services to Bulk Tainer Logistics and its customer specific demands or when the isotank industries infrastructure is not wholly available to Bulk Tainer Logistics to provide the service levels we expect to offer.

At Bulk Tainer we strive for ever increasing staff engagement with the core principles of Quality, Safety, Security, Health and Environment within their role and with our external stakeholders.  We have many reporting routes to allow detailed analysis, discussion, immediate action for corrective measures and in many ways the most important aspect – preventative measures to be initiated. These policies, procedures and IT system tools are at the forefront of our daily working life.

In order to encourage and facilitate this culture, all of our staff are made aware of the importance of Safety from Day 1 and subsequently supported and encouraged with ongoing development, training and other internal programmes throughout their career journey.

The in-house QSSHE team continuously assess, audit and report on our internal non-conformances and report these findings back to the board of Directors ensuring the focus remains. In partnership with our training department, the collation of this data is also imperative in the deign and deployment of our ‘training pathways’, identifying any short falls and ensuring our periodic programmes and initiatives deliver improvements to all employees of BTL.

The team also closely monitor supplier performance and conformity with our principles; we actively engage with the supply chain, issuing periodic and time critical bulletins on Security Alerts, incidents of personal injury, spillages and environmental incidents, best practice and other guidance which can help all interested parties.

As you would expect our team has many years combined experienced, over 90 years in the transport and logistics industries.  We also have members who have come from chemical production and warehousing, military and food production giving us a broad knowledge base to draw upon.

Today the QSSHE team based in the Stokesley Head Office, contains 11 employees focusing on our key pillars of Quality, Health & Safety, Security and Environment.


Here at Bulk Tainer, we promote a safety-first culture to everything we approach and recognise our responsibilities as an employer to safeguard, as far as reasonably practicable, the Health, Safety and Welfare at work of all employees.


We actively encourage employees to show commitment to our policies and hold regular meetings with staff to discuss and report on all activities. We also take very seriously our responsibility towards Health, Safety, Welfare and Quality in relation to our customers and supply chain.


The health, safety and welfare of the general public is also paramount in our approach to operating. We actively encourage employees to show commitment to our policies and hold regular meetings with staff to discuss and report on all activities.

Our ISO 9001:2015, ISO22000, HACCP, SQAS and GMP+ accreditations demonstrate our ability to safely handle any product and attention to detail.

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ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 22000:2005 accredited

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GMP+ certified for the safe handling of feed

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HACCP certified for the safe handling of food

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SQAS Assessed for the safe handling of chemicals

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